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Precise Parking for Shared Bikes/No-Pile Parking Solution for Public Bikes
Precise Parking
The order can be completed after the vehicle is returned to the designated position, with the parking error of 10cm.
High Parking Efficiency
The parking quantity is 50-75% higher than the traditional piled public bicycle station
Micro Integrated Station Equipment
Highly integrated and small station server, greatly reducing construction cost and maintenance cost.
Barrier Free
Construction of no pile station without impact on pedestrian and traffic.
Solar Power
Using low-power technology and solar power supply solution to achieve the goal of zero carbon emission.
Simple Construction
No need to excavate pavement in large area, shorten construction period and reduce construction cost.
Scanning code/Swiping card to unlock
Support mobile phone code scanning to unlock, support more than 30 types of IC cards, including ID card, social security card, bank card, bus card, etc.
Precise Parking
Support no pile parking, return vehicles at the station, lock the vehicle temporary outside the station.
Multiple Positioning
GPS+Beidou+Base station location, obtain vehicle location information accurately.
Voice Prompt
Support for remote modification of voice prompt content.
IP 65 Protection
Aluminum alloy shell, dust-proof and waterproof design above IP65, with service life of more than 5 years.
Long Standby Time
8000 mAh polymer battery, standby more than 20 days in extreme weather.
High Applicability
The lock body is small in size and universal installation design, suitable for most bicycles.
YUWEI Shared APP/ Program
Vehicle Position
Accurately locate the vehicle and guide users to find the vehicle.
Vehicle Status
Display the remaining battery capacity and mileage, so that users can choose the appropriate vehicle and plan the route.
Support the third-party payment platform, users can view payment information.
Temporary Lock
The user can lock the vehicle temporarily through app/ program.
Emergency Rescue and Fault Warranty
In case of emergency, users can contact customer service staff or upload failure information.
Intelligent Management System
Big Data Statistics and Analysis
Intelligent statistics of user data to guide vehicle scheduling
Operation Scope Plan
Set up electronic map area, specify the scope of use. Set up parking station to realize fixed-point parking of vehicles.
Remote Control
In case of emergency, the management background can turn on/off the vehicle remotely.
Anti-theft Alarm/Vehicle Falling Down Reminder
If the vehicle is stolen or dumped, the prompt message will be sent to the APP.
Financial Statement
Display financial data and support for exporting financial statements to Excel.
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